Перевод песни Vince Guaraldi Trio – Oh, Good Grief

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Oh you've lost 900 baseballs games
And we kids all love to call you names
And you never learned to fly a kite
And you're penless so you cannot write
And at lunch you sit alone and mope
You're a wishy washy kinda dope
Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown, you don't have one hope!
«Yes I do! Yes I do! That little girl who's new
Smiled at me, smiled at me, at lunch today!
And tonight I will go home and pray
That tomorrow she might come and say
'Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown, I'm glad to know you'»
Oh that new girl's looking over here!
Oh good grief she's calling over here!
«Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown, just watcha doin'?»
«Oh nothin'! Oh nothin'! You wanna do somethin'?»
«Why don't we, why don't we fly my new kite?»
«I'd be very proud to fly your kite!
I'll run with all my very might!»
«Charlie Brown! Charlie Brown! Please do hold on tight!»
Oh he's got the kite up in the air
Oh it's hit a tree; it's gonna tear!
«Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown, I think you've wrecked it.»
«I'm climbing up that tree, I'll get your kite down free»
«Watch yourself, watch yourself, You're gonna fall!»
«Oh I'm so embarrassed I could die!»
«That's OK, it was a manly try
«Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown, I'm glad to know you.»