Перевод песни Lionel Richie – Do Ya

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She was all that i could ask for
I could see it in her eyes, and her smile told me
That i was on her mind, and you should have seen the way
That she looked at me across the room
I could see her thinking, man that boy is fine
Do ya know she’s trying to fool ya
I know what she’s doing to ya, she loves me more than you
Ya, ya know she wants me, do ya think i’d lose her to ya
But you don’t get that, do ya
You know she’s nothing to ya, she wants me
So what makes you think a girl like her could fall in love with you
When a guy like me has everything she needs
Well, i don’t believe you understand, the power of my game
You just got to know that girl is into me
I don’t care how much you say, you think about my girl, about my girl
But i’m telling you i know she’s feeling me
You just might wanna think twice
About messing with my girl, with my girl
She’s my girl, she’s my girl, and i know she want me
She wants me, she wants me, and i know that she wants me