Перевод песни The Beach Boys – Roller Skating Child

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Well she's a roller skating child
With a ribbon in her hair
She gets my heart to beating
When I see her there
You know my heart starts smiling when she sings
She's such an angel I bet she's got wings
And we'll make sweet loving when the sun goes down
We'll even do more when your mama's not around
Well oh my oh gosh oh gee
She really send chills inside of me
They've got a record playing in the skating rink
She comes skating past me and she gives me a wink
I go and get my skates on and I catch up with her
We do it holding hands it's so cold I go «brrr»
Round and around and around we go
The music keeps me on my feet
It's sweet it's sweet it's sweeter than honey
When we're walking down the street
(That's right)
We run in to the kitchen and we grab a bite
Her folks let me stay with her until late at night
So many guys want a girl like mine
A love like this happens only one time
Roller skating child