Перевод песни The Lovin' Spoonful – California Saga (Big Sur)

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Cashmere hills filled with evergreens
Flowin' from the clouds down to meet the sea
With the granite cliff
(big sur mount)
As a referee
Crimson sunsets and golden dawns
A mother deer with their newborn fawns
All under big sur skies
(big sur mount)
That's where I belong.
Big sur I've got plans for you
Me and mine are going to Add ourselves to your lengthy list of lovers
(big sur mount)
And live in canyons covered in springtime green
Wild birds and flowers to be heard and seen
And with my old guitar
I'll make up songs to sing.
Where bubbling springs from the mountainside
Join the big sur river to the oceanside
Where the kids can look for sea shells at low tide
Big sur my astrology it says that I am made to be Where the rugged mountain meets the water
And so while stars shine brightly from up above
The fog rolls in through a redwood grove
And to my dying fire I think I'll add a log.
From time to time I must go away
The thoughts of big sur won't let me stay
Away from big sur
Oh big sur