Перевод песни John Lee Hooker – I'm Mad

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I had a friend one time
At least I thought I did
Taken that man in my house
Give him my food over my table
That I couldn't afford
He come to me, he said
«Johnny, ain't got no place to stay»
I said, «Yes, man, come to my house»
I get you a place to stay, and a bed to sleep in
That I couldn't afford
When I found out you with my wife
Now I'm mad, like Al Capone
Well, I warned you one time
Next time I warn you
I'm gonna use my gun on you
'Cause I'm mad with you
I'm mad with you, like Al Capone
Look, man, I told you one time before
But this time I'm gonna teach you
A little lesson you won't forget
Take this man right down by the riverside
I might drown you
I might shoot you
I don't know
Gonna tie your hands, gonna tie your feet
Gag you so you can't talk to nobody
I'm mad, I'm mad with you
You're sinkin'; I'm mad