Перевод песни Erik Truffaz – Siegfried

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Yes Ites, right about now, not later
Cuz we can't wait to set sails
All hail the dream ship navigator
Like Jonah in the whale, we're the soul investigators
Both sides of the equator
Back and forth like smooth tour de force operators
We don't waver cuz we got to get it on like funky bodhisattvas
Now guess who is coming to supper?
Natty Dreadlocks, the Fly Bum deluxe, on the up and ups
Yes, yes, the nonstoppers with the steady flux
Travelling more miles than migratory ducks
You bet, it's not the bucks that will make us run amok
We can never get stuck, whining life sucks and aww shucks
We don't give a ----, a hard place and a rock
Our house is in our pockets and no doors locked
And if you knock, there's an answer so don't you just stand there
Come in and let us rock, one shot from the top
Until the last living drop, yes yes le man,
They all come but they can't test the man
We blow ‘em down like Lester Young
Cuz Jah blessed the man with mad explosive spontaneity
Bubblin' up constantly, like a mile a minute
Movement is the way and we take it to the limit
Hyperactive, we hold the world captive by the spirit
The soul flow, we're going all up in it
Steppin' out from the dust and the dirt
Love is the urge and we know what it's worth
Meanwhile we keep on wearing seven shirts
With the smell of fresh sweat from the flesh of the Earth