Перевод песни Lou Rawls – Street Corner Hustler Blues

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We'd like to sorta change things up just a little bit for ya here.
Now here's a song — It's about a young man — that is, uh, widely known,
throughout the world (heh heh). espescially in my «ex"hometown.
(Where I used to live.) See, this young man, 'svery popular young man
and he was standing on a very well known corner on the South Side of,
uh, my hometown, Chicago. This young man was standing on the corner of
47th and South Parkway, Northeast corner. Now there stands a building
that houses a Walgreens drugstore, a few of a little miscellaneous
shops here and there (that's a commercial), um, and every Friday evening
as the people would pass there, they couldn't help but notice this
young man. Every Friday around four-thirty this young man would be seen
standing on the corner of 47th and South Parkway in front of Walgreens.
The young man was standing there because his girlfriend worked at
Walgreens, and, as you all know, Friday the Eagle Flies. This young
man was standing there and as the people passsed him, as always they
couldn't help but notice him because he was wearing the very popular
silk mohair-wool-worsted-continental-to-the-bone-two-hundred-and-fifty-
dollar, hustler's suit: fresh 'out the pawnshop. He would also be
wearing a pair of highly-shined alligator hustler shoes with the very
popular white-on-white tab-collar shirt, very thin silk hustler's
necktie tied around his neck. Very large artificial diamond stickpin
in place. Now as they noticed even closer at this young man they
couldn't help but notice around the sides of his hat that he was.
heavily caulked to the bone. He was quite Patent-leatherish about
the hair, they call it «The Hustler's Hairdo."A Process: Many pleats,
'lotta creases, and all that greasy kid stuff. Sitting pressed upon
this very lightly so as not to mess up his hairdo was his very stingy-
brimmed. hustler's hat. His hustler-shades on, cigarette in hand, very
broad smile on his face. As you looked around to see what this young
man was staring at so hard and why he was so elated at what he saw, You
couldn't help but notice his automobile parked at the curb. His
automobile: white-on-white -in- whites. The Hustlers call 'em «Hogs»
the trade name is Cadillac, thatsa' hustler's sure longs' th'finance
company can't find out where he keeps it parked at night. All of a
sudden this young man notices people passing him but glancing over
their shoulders as they walk down the street. There was some great
commotion coming down the street behind him, so he thought he would
take a peek and see for himself what all this commotion was. This is what he
saw when
he looked down the street: With pin-curlers and rollers in her hair, head-
rag tied very tight, very large razor in her left hand, big butcher
knife in her right hand, housecoat, houseshoes. His wife. And she was
steppin' fast, fast, fast, comin' after him, callin' him all sorts of dirty
names and other things I can't mention up here or they'll close the
place. He made a break for his automobile, 'fore he could get in the
car 'n' get the motor started she was there cuttin'up the top-kickin'
dents in the door. You jive Maryland Farmer! Out here jivin' around,
the rent ain't paid, the baby's hungry-need-shoes, and you out actn'
call' yoself pimpinin,' hustlin,' can on... and all them other good
things. He jumped out the car 'n' threw the keys over to her, said
baby listen, you can have this car, and anything else you want. Just
don't cut my new suit. I just got it out' the pawn shop, and I got to
have my front so I can keep on makin' my game. As he turned to walk
away, the young man bowed his head slightly. He lifted his stingy brim
from his patent leather 'do and sit lightly; he wouldn't shake it
too hard, ya see, 'cause when you wear a process you have to go to the
barbershop ev'ry day n get a comb-out: that costs two dollars, and he
hadn't got his money from the lady yet. He began to mumble something,
as he walked down the street, and as you listened closely you heard the
young man saying these words. You could tell he was really troubled, he
was saying these words is thisf. in this manner... he was saying:
I'm... in a world of trouble
I don't know what to do
I'm supposed to be one woman's man
But I am in love with two!
One is my treasure
And one is my treat
They are both such a pleasure
'Cause they're both so sweet
I can't put either of 'em down
That's 'awhy I'm slippin' round
'Cause I'm livin' double
I'm in a world of trouble
Yes it's a world of trouble
That I inhabit now
'Cause I've got one more woman
Then the legal laws allow!
Now judges would jail me.
And preachers would shout.
Bad talk would nail me
If the truth got out
Polite society would frown
They would claim that I'm just a clown
Living double. In a world of trouble.
Well now. I do not dare reveal
This need that I eagerly feel
'Cause to my proper friends.
It would. scare them.
Don't you know they would
Chalk it up to greed
Oh but what I truly need
Is a new kind of two woman harem!
Now let me tell you I got a
great big world of trouble, yes.
I've got a woman and a wife
And that's the kind of situation
.it could cost somebody's life
Ohh, but I'm gonna bear it
Just as long as I can
No I don't want to share it
with a' no other man
Oh Lord and my future is in a fog
And they call me a dirty dog!
Because I'm a' livin' double
In a world... they got me
peepin' and hidin'. slippin and slidin'.
duckin and dodgin'.
runnin' down alleys-hidin' in doorways-behind
papers standin' in streetcars- n L Tracks-
and buses and down in manholes and
anywheres I can find em