Перевод песни Me & My – Take Me Back

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Tell me is it wrong, loving you so strong?
I know we said goodbye but baby
How can I go on, now that tou are hone?
My nights are long, it feels so wrong to be apart and all alone
Take me back again
Let’s go back again
Want you back in my life
Need you by my side
Baby tell me why can’t you see that tears in my eyes?
Take me back again
Please come back again
What can I do without your love?
How could you leave me with a broken heart?
Take me back in time, the days when you were mine
What does it take to make you realize
You need me in your life, I’ll always treat you right
Oh baby, why can’t you be mine, oh baby why?
Don’t you know, I’ll do anything for you my baby?
I’ll take your heart in my mind
No other girl can love you like I do oh baby
Can’t you see we were meant to be
If you only take me back oh take me back
Take me back, take me back
Oh my baby I want you back
Take me back, take me back