Перевод песни Iron Maiden – Drifter

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Look out now, baby
Won't you take me away?
Sitting here, it's gonna be a new day
Gonna sing my song and I can't go wrong
Gotta keep on roaming, gotta sing my song
What you feeling when you hold me tight?
I'm gonna cuddle up with you tonight
Gonna get you feeling so secure
Listen child, don't you see there's a cure?
Anyway, got to get you away
Feels so good, think it's gonna be a new day
I'm gonna get my song till it can't go on
I'm gonna keep on roaming, gonna sing my song
Gonna sing my song, yeah
And it won't take long
I'm gonna sing my song, yeah
I want you to sing along
I want you to sing it, sing it, sing it, sing it along
Cause I'm a drifter
Drifting on