Перевод песни Merle Haggard & The Strangers – Shade Tree (Fix-It Man)

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Yeah I'm a shade tree fix-it man I don't need any helping hand
I'm a Jack-of-all-trades when I'm working in their shade
I'm a shade tree-fix-it man
Well I headed out a west from Arkansas my Ruby ran fine for a while
Then a rock started knocking a gauge started rocking she wouldn't run another
But on that downhill drag I coasted for awhile until I found me a shady inn
I started huffing and a puffing started a fretting and a sweating
But I soon had her running again
About noon the next day I was back on the road I had her running on out
While I was wheeling and a dealing I got a funny feeling
If my baby kind a felt this doubt
Oh I found me a shade by the side of the road I fixed everything up fine
With a little bit of loving in a few minutes later we was rolling on down the
One more time