Перевод песни Bruce Guthro – Friends

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
There is really nothing left to say
It's so many words unspoken
You and I both know that I am going away
Lets keep the bridges open
The least we can do is take comfort
In knowing were going in capable hands
So cross your heart
And make a pack
Promise not to take it back
He recalls the morning that she moved in He was four years old
A girl in the neighborhood
«I just can't wait... she'll simply have to go.»
But it wasn't long before they became strong
Stood together through thick and through thin
He said, «Cross you heart
And make a pack
Promise not to take it back
Friends. "
They don't know what happened
They were too busy laughing
And one day they turned forty-nine
She said, «Your still a handsome man
And I can still remember when
We slipped away that night.
Like a wind on the ocean
We took a notion
To seise the moment and run.
We danced through the years,
Lived out dreams and through fears.
We never stopped loving
Not once. "
So in a quiet room in Germany
An old man bends down on his knees
As her eyes fall closed
And he lays his hand upon her hair
And he softly whispers,
«You really have to go...
The next time we meet
You'll be as young and free
As the day that this whole thing began.
So I'll cross my heart
And I'll make a pact
I'll promise not to take it back
Now and forever... Friends. "