Перевод песни Bruce Guthro – Dirty Money

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Old man tell a young man
Pick up teh hammer and go to work
Get a job, settle down
Don't waste your time boy, you know it's true
Money, dirty money
Young man tell an old man
Take a pill pop, relax
Time is free an I got plenty
Ain't gonna go around
And break my back for no Money, dirty money
Young man say «bet ya you'll learn»
Old man say «you learn what»
Young man say «I bet ya tables turned»
«You'd be livin' like us»
Wild and free that's teh way to be Come on down, kick around Yonge Street
Ya kick around fool, better learn teh rules
Ya better go to school
Life be a kinda cruel, without
Money, dirty money
Old man say «I bet ya you'll learn»
Young man say «learn what»
Old man say «I bet ya tables turned»
«Boy, you'd be livin' like us»
I work all day make an honest pay
Walk with pride from teh money you made
Work for teh fool teh truth is I tell it It ain't what you got
You gotta know how to sell it Money, dirty money, dirty money
Pick up a hammer and drive that nail
You're gonna spend
Teh rest of your time in jail
I make in a day what you make in a month
Sellin' my medicine, try some
Straighten up boy
And cut your hair
Settle down, get a job
Pay teh fare
Teh road to teh soul
Isn't payed with honey
Ya gotta dig a little dirt
Dig a little dirt
Money, dirty money