Перевод песни Avalon – I Survive

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I can feel it comin' now, that same old pain
Tryin' to work me like a prisoner
Shackled bound and shamed
But in my soul I know
That You give me the strength it takes to
Break these chains
I survive
Life keeps comin' at me
Doesn’t break me
I’m never going down
I need strength I know You’ll help me
Make it
I survive
Don’t know what tomorrow brings
Don’t wann guess
But with You by my side I know I can face
Any test
And so I’ll honor You by stnading tall
And breathing in this love that I’ve been blessed
That’s my promise, won’t compimise
You’re the truth, that kills the lies
Put me through it, I’m not afraid
You rescue me, day by day
With you I can never fake it
Won’t go down, You help me take it
Help me make it