Перевод песни Shelby Lynne – Go With It

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Don't know where the time has gone
Must have lost it in the night.
Maybe when it was when I was holding on Couldn't get you out of my sight.
Maybe this is trying to tell us something
Maybe we're doing something right.
You just Go With It You know it feels good
Go With It You know it feels good
You Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it,
Just let go.
You never looked so beautiful to me Maybe it's the love in your eyes
Together we fit perfect darling
Don't let another moment go by Maybe this is the real thing baby
Maybe this is what it is.
Repeat Chorus
Kiss me darling
So we can start all over again
So we can be sure it's just not in our heads.
Hold me real close so we don't ever worry
I won't be without you again.
Repeat Chorus---Out