Перевод песни Swing Out Sister – From My Window

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Nome do CD: Where Our Love Grows
Ano de lançamento: 2004
There was nothing left between us
Neither one of us could see
Tell me
Why did we leave yesterday so far away
From my window I see the world pass me by
What a waste of time
On a dead end street where the sun never shines
In my mind
This time
Nothing else could come between us
We'll find
More than we could ever know
We'll let go of yesterday
Why don't you stay?
From my window I see the world pass me by
And the world looks fine
Now I've found a place where the sun always shines
All the time
In my mind
Now I've found the place in my mind where the sun will always shine when it's
cold outside
Now we've found love
The sun will always shine in my mind
When it's cold outside
The sun will always will shine
In my mind, in my mind
We'll make the sun shine now that we've found love