Перевод песни Cliff Richard – As I Walk Into The Morning Of Your Life

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The sun pours down like honey
On the harbor warm as spring
As you stir beneath the dreams
You wish you weren't dreaming
And you're blinded by the velvet crimson
Roaring down the highway
Morning wakes and breaks
There in your eyes
And you call me as I walk into
The morning of your life
And there beside you we will watch
As time is standing still
And winds are free to kiss
The harvest of tomorrow
Where the seasons can erase
The pain of loneliness
As the parinted raindrops run along
A garden streaked with summer
Pass the ragged sugar shack
Where lovers found that love was more
Than celery stalks and violins
And ships that leave the harbor
They mirror yesterday
And then christen it tomorrow
You float along with the morning haze
On some far off horizon
And wonder as you wander
If your soul is really real
And if that carousel that flying by you
Played a song you heard before
But now it's morning
Am I just a stranger?
Now you call me as I walk into
The morning of your life
Still the midnight sun is casting
A phantasmagoric light
And it's warm in there and wonderful
And everything's alright
And I'm gonna stay a little longer
Maybe one more night