Перевод песни Stiff Little Fingers – Hits And Misses

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Look at every man you meet
It can be him on every street
The woman's waiting for the next attack
Bold black headlines made in dark
Show how the man can make his mark
The woman learned it from her dad
How he can be like Jack the lad
Hits and misses I do you will
Love and kisses yours in hell
Look at him in every face
The woman see and takes her place
He rips at her heart, till death them part
Everywhere she see his power
Sees how Michael Caine takes a shower
See herself in houseproud adds
Gatefold Miss World Page, Three Miss X
I'm not talking about a psycho-killer
Sonny, it's not one of those
It could be you, it could be me It's someone we all know
See him walk down any street
The woman fears and hears his feet
If his team lost, then she get beat
Neighbours shrug, go back to chatter
Just a man who's on the batter
Then he gets his legal way, on just another Saturday