Перевод песни Ever Stays Red – On The Brink Of It All

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Oh I've never seen a sight
Like the fire in your eyes
When you used to swear that our souls
Live on
But it's been, So, long since we have
Felt the warmth from those fires
Heres to the ones that will not forget
How our eyes burn bright back in the day when
Our dreams were all that kept us alive
No we can't stop now we're gonna make it
We're standing on the brink of it all
The light, the fears and fright
The time was slow and endless hope we're home
We're standing on the brink of it all
Could we think back to those nights
When we used to pass the time
With talk of whatever was in our heads
Cause it's been so long since we have
Spoke of things with words unneeded
Heres to the ones who will not forget
So wont you go with me home
(We need this)
Just another step home
(We need this)
But when your ready now
Put your hand in mine we'll go to the place
Where our soul lives, soul lives
We say we'll never forget