Перевод песни Five Iron Frenzy – Cannonball

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Wind passes right through my skin as I fall down, this furious speed will only
destroy me Crippling and devastating momentum, approaching maximum velocity
And this is how it's going to be, the point of it all, 'cause this is what was
meant for me, recklessly I fall
Hulking, smashing, I come crashing, nothing like when I was small
I am unstoppable, I am the cannonball
That feeble coward that you knew, has undergone an overhaul
I am unstoppable, I am the cannonball
Thirty-two feet per second I increase, as the exponents will multiply
I'll never stop to look back behind me, cutting through the bright blue sky
And this is how it's meant to be, untethered I will soar
I'll barrel towards the earth below, it's what I was made for
And everyone will say it's just an accident, like some mishap or a tragedy
I think that failure has a purpose, and I don't believe its chance if I fall
And I know that if I ever do fall, he will catch me And if he ever lets me fall down, for the good of those who believe him
He will make me into a cannonball
Unblemished, and faultless. a burning luminescence
Unequaled precision, beyond your scope of vision