Перевод песни Still Breathing – Trusted Crown

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If I combat those faces
Then how is it shown to if or not to be to be alone
If I combat those fears
Then how could be in sense to be just tired of this
Get rid of it
Have I failed you
Just tell me
I won't turn away
If my envy were something special to choose my own failure
I waste I waste the time to say
Cause if I combat those places
Then how is it blamed even if not to be we
Go out the same
If I'm compelled to infamy what do you see weary
I'm tired of this identity
What pathway
Is my choice
If this selfishness were something special
I choose my own failure I'd waste
I'd waste the time to be
Is this something that I spite push deep down inside
So I'm guilty
Do you see me
Can you reach me
Can you cleanse that's inside
To see this fate to just let go to break the point to break
It so I'll take this weight and so then how I'll breath
One word forgiveness from a TRUSTED CROWN
His will is in me now
How do you see me now
Do you still think I'm proud
With a virtue instilled somehow
Presents such loss in DEVINE
And so
Even though I feel I'm down I'm low I won't let them
Take my strength that flows even though they say I
Should be ashamed I can't be the one who pulls against it
Cause I know I see him he shapes me
And so our future wasted because power they tasted
They take this, burn this, bury this, shun this, but it GROWS