Перевод песни Still Breathing – From Within

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Plan in motion I must succeed but replaced by stagnate conformity
Oh hear me I cry inside but pride consumes me where balance is
Designed to make
To make us whole but grace
Feeds this red flame
Separation to cleanse provides answered questions of where salvation lies
Oh fill me with this perfection
In waves of humble sight
TRINITY cut rebuild REBORN
And through this vision
The taste of, salt that, I feel aching, I claw, and scrape, to compel
Myself to take a stand and walk above this
This fear embraces nothing
Reject this blindness from sight endure recede
Glory and so I let all I am
Let go release your hands
Renews completes
The sickness in me I give away is ready
To resist these hands held out to me to refuse in my confession the
Collapse of my condition
The stale air becomes thin with each breath I receive I’m invoked
Into this spirit invoked into this SPIRIT
Makes me whole
Light that
Shines though
I was
Will be
No more is free
Takes this pawn I know that this is trying, calling upon
Takes my prayers I know that this is calling upon you
Now that I know this strength in me I see past it I’ll go past it
Always am I will decide FROM WITHIN
Blessed and born eternal life grace from him to me forever