Перевод песни Tunnel Rats – One's Who Don't

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Some people live in the boom of a kick drum
Bumpin' is a double shotgun pump in the hand of a violent man
Same bad nightmare stares black
As the girl slaps selling her body for crack
Foul with the howl of feedback that’s screaming in the air
Stingin' with the scare who swear they don’t care
And stare with aggression that whoever in they hood
Dressin' in the wrong color cause the set said they should
Misguided energy, never learning from the past
Suicidal tendencies, pistol to the head blast
Is another cymbal crash unheard
Like the broken dreams of that teen runnin' from the word
A slow-moving tail spin aiming for the moon
Went from an eighth of shrooms to nitrous balloon fumes
Leave a brother hoarse once cause blunts were never the same
Platinum flat line, cat croaked off that cocaine
And the band plays on
Singing to the hook Satan puts the bait on
Bringin' to the crook, pray to God, others waitin' on
Man someone better tell 'em
The truth is Christ is real
The truth is Satan’s real
The truth is one came to give life, one came to kill
The truth is Christ is real
The truth is Satan’s real
Which truth do you choose? Which truth do you reveal?