Перевод песни The Hollies – Soldiers Dilemma

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Please answer my question
Why do I have to go to war
I don’t believe in the government’s greed
I find the whole thing a bore
Well if you think that it’s right
to fight well then fight
well please don’t ask me to join in The trouble were in,
how did it begin
Well please don’t ask me to fight your war
I ain’t tired of living
I like to keep it in one piece
I don’t like the odds you’re giving
You ain’t having me on a lease
I like to eat three meals a day
in my own lazy way
And you can’t keep
that you’re giving away for free
Even after I’ve protested
Seems I don’t have any choice
You put a gun in my hand now
You say I’m fighting for peace
Well it’s just a lie
so why should I die
for something in which I don’t believe
Well it’s so hard
when you’re shooting at me Well all I can do is reply