Перевод песни Styx – Rockin' The Paradise

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Lead vocals by dennis deyoung
So whatcha doin tonight?
Have you heard that the worlds gone crazy?
Young americans listen when I say theres people puttin us down
I know theyre sayin that weve gone lazy
To tell you the truth weve all seen better days
Dont need no fast buck lame duck profits for fun
Quick trick plans, take the money and run
We need long term, slow burn, getting it done
And some straight talking, hard working son of a gun.
Whatcha doin tonight, I got faith in our generation
Lets stick together and futurize our attitudes
I aint lookin to fight, but I know with determination
We can challenge the schemers who cheat all the rules
Come on take pride, be wise, spottin the fools
No more big shots, crackpots bending the rules
A fair shot here for me and for you
Knowing that we cant lose
And well be rockin in paradise
Rockin the paradise tonight
Rockin in paradise
Rockin the paradise tonight
Tonight, tonight...