Перевод песни The Good, The Bad & The Queen – England, Summer (in black & white) Polling Day

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On polling day you started off great
There was no one on the streets
The poll was day
I got to go to city today
But I ain't thought right
Said you don't feel well
We all got drunk on posting day
Hoping it tastes the same
But it goes away every time
It ain't no result in that
The movement was posted away
The human link, it comes OK
She does not take time to talk to herself
Resultin' in a star
West tipper got up, they invented to pollute and postin' by And we said so... goodbye
It was easy then, all for the good, I coulda been better though
Yeah, Go! Go! You're gone!
Everybody feels they got to find in And the north from the south who watches him sy It doesn't take time to intelligent sight
But the thought was there
And that's alright, so we all got drunk and got on the ball
And found the same time
Everything was out the phone
It doesn't get that much sly
On polling day, you turned up right
It was a cart full of them
And the ship was nice
I didn't mean to be It wasn't the same
But if you do it again
Then find my soul
And we all get drunk on the firing day
And take ourselves to sea, sea
Yeah that's enough for anyone
Pickin' it out for them