Перевод песни Lil' Josh – Jump

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Rope swingers and runners
Are you ready
Jump, jump, jump,
Double Dutch jump, jump, jump
Freestyle jump, jump, jump
Double Dutch jump, jump, jump
Jump in, jump, jump
Jump Out, jump, jump
Let me see what you all about jump, jump
Jump in, jump, jump
Jump out, jump, jump
Do ya thing, jump, jump, jump
Everybody jump up, get pumped up And Double Dutch, don’t let the jump ropes touch
In and out the middle high stepping to the beat
Here we go, here we go, gotta have quick feet
Who wanna compete, you can meet us in the streets
Tear up the concrete, and feel the heat in ya sneaks
Slow it down and speed it back up Hold ya ground and try to catch up Pace yourself like a marothon runner
When it’s hot in the summer
Double Dutch in your stunners «Yeeee»
Don’t let nobody take you under
Competition trying to come up And take the title from ya And that’s why practice make perfect
Handstands, flips, freestyle and work it They do what they do on purpose
Even stunts that get the crowd nervous
From left to right, it’s your time to shine
You’re in the spotlight
All eyes is on you and ya crew
So come with it, pull out your best moves
In the end we all winners
No poor sports, or quiters, we havin' a good time
On the top of our game, hard work and dedication, no time for playing
So put your game face on And lace up your shoes, create some new moves
And let the judge choose, who’s coming in #1, who’s coming in #2
It’s all up to you so what you gon' do Freeze up or come through
When you under pressure
Gotta step up cause they coming to test you
Double Dutch
Jump in, jump, jump
Jump out, jump, jump
Double Dutch
Jump in, jump, jump
Jump out, jump, jump
Back again for the third time
Put it all on the line
When it’s crunch time
Lil' Josh ain’t never hard to fine
Without crossing the line
Unique and one of a kind
Train to be the best
Keep that state out of my mind
And I’m a stay on my grizzie
The name’s Lil' Josh,
Just so you know when you see me