Перевод песни Kev Carmody – Moonstruck

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
When the western sky's ablaze
And the sun lays down to rest
When the curlew starts to cry
And the birds fly home to roost
When the full moon begins to rise
Satin moon beams on my face
Beauty of the night goes far beyond
Far beyond both time and place
No-one's lost who finds the moon
Or the sweetness of the wattle's bloom
Rebirth with the rain in spring
Or the dingo's howl on the autumn wind
Spirit of the moon here calls me home
Spirit of the moon here guides me home
Moon it draws me to the scrub
Night voices raised in song
Past the water lilies bloom
In that tranquil billabong
Walkin' on the shadowed leaves
That are reflected by the moon
To the rocks and hills an' caves
Where the dingoe's pups are born
Stars ablazin' across the sky
In the brilliance of the Milky Way
I'm surrounded by the beauty
Of every night and every day
Walkin' towards that morning moon set
Caress of moonlight on my skin
Knowin' that freedom of not carin'
Of why I'm goin' or where I've been