Перевод песни The Bonzo Dog Band – Shirt

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Hello, well that was the sound of Roger’s Wah Wah Rabbits
You heard them eating endive there
That’s very cheap at this time of the year
But now here in Willesden Green, yes, brr, it’s a bit chilly
But no matter, because here comes a gentleman
And we’re going to talk to him about shirts
Excuse me, sir
Would you mind talking to us about shirts?
Do what? About shirts, shirts? Yes
Cause I’ve got plenty at home, good grief
And here comes a lady with an enchanting little kangaroo
And I’m going to ask her something about shirts
No, I’m not because she’s given me a rather a vulgar sign
Would you excuse me, would you mind, we’re talking about shirts?
Huh? About shirts, shirts? Yes, the problem of shirts
The kind of, um, you know, are they necessary? Shirts
Where it is, where it is, yes, where is shirts?
I don’t know, you don’t know
Um, oh dear, there’s a gentleman marching down here with
A very determined stride, he looks a little cautious, he’s hopping
Excuse me, sir, would you mind talking to me for a moment at all?
Uh, uh, what do you mean, guv’nor? What do you want to know?
Well, we’re talking about shirts, about are they still necessary?
Do you think? I mean, do you think they should
They stop making shirts? Oh, no, not at all, a man’s not Dr
Not dressed unless he’s got a nice shirt on, governor, is he?
Not really, I suppose, what about the lengths of the shirt?
Because the old ones used to be very long
Well, I’m more for the short shirt, the old types old-fashioned, mate
Gotta be a bit modern these days, governor, ain’t yer? Yes
Well, you’re certain with it, anyway?
Well, you’ve got to be with it, of course. It’s, uh
Yes, right, okay, well, thank you very much
See you, right, ho, bye, bye, bye, bye
Well, I think we’re going to have to leave it there
And I’m going to take you right away straight over
To the Earls Court Olympia to watch the shirt event
I’ll repeat that, the shirt event, I’ll repeat that
The shirt event, I’ll repeat that, the shirt event
I’ll repeat that, the shirt event
Good morning, could I have
This shirt cleaned express, please?
Yes, that’ll be three weeks, dearie, three weeks?
But the sign outside says 59-minute cleaners
Yes, that’s just the name of the shop, luv
We take three weeks to do a shirt
Just the name of the shop?
Yes, that’s if there’s an R in the month
Otherwise it’s four weeks
Your name does begin with a P, doesn’t it?
Well, no, actually, of course it’s, uh
Well, that’ll be five weeks, then, five weeks? Blimey
Shirt, shirt, shirt, shakin' the shirt
Shirt, shirt, shirt, shakin' the shirt
Well, they’re shakin' my shirt all over the place
But it’s been thrown right back in my face
Shirt, shirt, shirt, shakin' the shirt
New horizons in sound now as Roger
Plays a solo on the electric shirt collar
Shirt, shirt, shirt, shakin' the shirt
Shirt, shirt, shirt, shakin' the shirt