Перевод песни The Proclaimers – What Do You Do

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Yes I know you're right
I see it in your fierce eyes
But me I've never thought straight
Since the day I had the first doubt
Yes I know you're right
And I'll back you to a point pal
But I'll never be constrained
By another man's ideas now
I spent too long on this road
Looking for the answers
But Poverty and Failure
Aren't what I'm after
I painted «Fight"on factories
But they closed the factory down pal
I want to find out where the Heart's gone
Gonna find out where the nerves gone
What do you do
When democracy fails you
What do you do
When the rest can't see its true?
Pat votes the Scots way
Just like her mother
But South always takes all
Just like her brother
The next time she might vote
So might the others
But times running out pal
Cause they're giving up in numbers
What do you do
When Democracy's all through
What do you do
When minority means you?