Перевод песни Infidel – Facing The Mirror

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
You thought it s only a game
One of those that people play
You said it s not that bad
But it turned your brains to mud
You understand that things got sad
But it s late to turn the wheel back
So it s time for me to make you see
All those things that make you shiver
The consequence of your distress
Is a mind that cannot function
It s so averse that you confess
You re impotent to live with ardour
Oh, no! You re wrong
Fake pleasures cannot soothe your soul
Oh, yeah! Today
You gotta look for another way
Go on and find the truth which lies
Just below the surface of your life
And what you know might all seem wrong
Cause prejudice blinded your thoughts
Listen to what I say
Come on and seize the day
Open your mind and see
The answer s in you and me