Перевод песни Infidel – Dreamer Redeemer

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I walk the path of sorrow
This bitter, lonely road
My clockwork life devours
What lies within my grasp
A dreamer redeemer
I m lying denying
No standards of behaviour
Were ever set for me
Confronting my perception
Will set my soul free
A dreamer redeemer
I m lying denying
I m facing embracing
I m feeling conceiving
It looks like my memories are turning grey
They slowly fade away
All hope is weak if I don t claim my rights today
It s an endless trip to go and find
The truth inside
I need to read between the lines of what they say
A sacrifice may be the price
For all I want to feel
It might be wrong, but I don t know
It s still a way to see
The holy rules, the Serpent s views
They both seem wrong to me
The only game that I should play
Is that of life today
I look around and see you clowns, you re begging to believe
To the words of a deceiver
I ll rise again, above the deeds that caused my agony
And make myself my own redeemer
Redeemer the dreamer
Redeemer the dreamer