Перевод песни Joe Nichols – The Difference Is Night And Day

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Lately I’ve seen every sunrise driving down the interstate
On my way to be the fisrt one through the factory gate
It didnt used to be like this
The difference is night and day
I used to count the minutes
(Glad that it was quitting time)?
I couldnt wait to punch that clock and leave this place behind
But now when the whistle blows
The difference is night and day
Cause it means I’ll have to head on home
And spend another night alone
Counting memories that you left behind
The linen in the kitchen drawer
That shirt of mine you always wore
Something always takes me back in time
The weekends I can fish or catch a ball game with the guys
Anything to get me out of this house for a while
But the minute I go home
The difference is night and day
As long as I dont have to see
All those things reminding me I can tell myself that Im moving on But as soon as I walk though that door
I know that I’ll find something more
That shows me just how far I’ve really gone
Maybe I’ll get lucky and get some sleep tonight
Either way Im out of here as soon as it gets light
Outside this four walls
The difference is night and day
No it didnt used to be like this