Перевод песни The Cheetah Girls – Why Wait

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Picture it perfect, yeah
Don't hesitate to live your dreams
It's more than worth it, oh, oh If you know what you wanna be Chorus #1:
Why wait
When now is the right time
Today could just pass you by Why wait
It's your turn, it's your life
The future is what we make
So why wait
You've gotta reach out, yeah
And see the world is in your hands
I know you know how
Just gotta go for it take a chance
Chorus #1
Ohh... aqui estás conmigo
(Oh... you're right here right now)
Para vivir y cumplir tus sueños
(Go for the dreams that you've always had)
Y luchar por lo que has querido
(Cause you decide when and how it turns out)
Encuentra tu luz... sigue, vive sin miedo
(So shine your brightest... never hold back)
Why wait... you're ready to do this
No way... you can ever be stopped
Chorus #1
Chorus #2:
Why wait
Tomorrow can be so far away
You're already here
Why wait
You just gotta let go You've gotta believe in yourself all the way
You know that you've got what it takes
So why wait