Перевод песни Senzo – Who's Gonna Care?

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Tell I now where do we go from here
As the country seem to be falling apart
I wanna know before it’s too late
isn’t it that we go to that sorrow one more time
'Cos these crazy leaders leaders in whom we’ve trusted too much
have turned against each other
Striving for leadership
Who’s gonna care for you and I
Who’s gonna care for you and I
just tell me now if there’s someone you know
just tell me if you know someone
To care for us till we’re all on our own
see them shaking hands everyday
pretending into have forgiven each other
in their eyes there’s still war
in their eyes I see grudges
When the other one preaches peace
the other one preaches hatred
when the other one preaches love
the other one preaches violence
who’s gonna care for you and I
just let me know if there’s someone you know
I wanna know I wanna know