Перевод песни Joe Nichols – It Ain't No Crime

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I was sittin' outside in the front yard
Lawn chair, kiddie pool, just soakin' up the sun
Old man walks by and said
We got this thing called ambition
Why don’t you buy a suit
And go get you some
Like he ain’t got enough of his own business
Now he’s got to go mindin' mine
Opportunity knocks and I miss it
It ain’t no crime
It ain’t no crime
If I wanna kick back and kill a little time
It ain’t no crime
I was gettin' some pink in my color
Next door lady says, why you always layin' 'round
Fine you man like you
Should be married with some children
Instead of all those honeys
Running in and out
Like she ain’t got enough of her own business
Now she’s got to go mindin' mine
I don’t have a lot of kids and a Mrs
It ain’t no crime, it ain’t no crime
If I wanna kick back and steal a kiss some time
It ain’t no crime
If everybody minded their own business
They’d be too busy to worry 'bout mine
If I live life the way I wanna live it
It ain’t no crime, it ain’t no crime
If I wanna kick back and chill or steal
A kiss from a girl, I will every time
It ain’t no crime
It ain’t no crime