Перевод песни Skids – Peaceful Times

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I casted out the image from my mind
Where did the mission say to leave a sign
On the tables, books of Paris, start to shine
Oh, the world ensembles as we dine
Let’s talk of Jackals and drink sweet wine
Peaceful times, Rome and Paris, are so fine
Oh, I’m sure I’d like to move on soon
Egyptian girls hide by the moon
Stand by monumental toys
Stand by me and cure turmoil
Stand by me exquisite boys
Stand by me and feel new soil
I sacrificed the methods of my dreams
On the latter, these new poets, stole the scene
Oh, I’m sure they feel I can’t betray
Egyptian girls can only say
In peaceful times, new writers flow
In peaceful times, new writers know
In peaceful times, new winds can blow
In peaceful times, new winds can grow
Oh, winter and the palaces and vines
My these messages that sweep the mind
Oh, I’m sure that I must carry on
Egyptian girls don’t last for long
Stand by me, the snow has come
Stand by me, Oh, do not run
Stand by me, the summer is fun
Stand by me, in animation