Перевод песни David Banner – My Life

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Verse 1 -- David Banner
I can feel it in the night time
I say the lord gave life, but these niggas wanna take mine
I heard it through the grapevine
They ain’t have to feel, they’d rather see me burnin in hell, n thats the truth
They’ll set you up got proof, think about the 12 dicipes
What one traitor did to christ, for small cheese
And they’ll do it to me, damn and they’ll do it to you
It only takes one in your crew
To cock back, black, and take ya life from you
To cock back, black, and take ya life from you
Verse 2 -- David Banner
Think about the slave trade, we sold our own juss to get paid
And now adays its tha same thang, let ya braids hang
White folks contributed, to gang bang
Gain, dope slang, gain, mayn But we all some thugs
The same one that you love will kill ya ass for drugs
Come to the funeral with kisses and hugs
For ya mom, ya sister, ya brother and all
And really all they wanted was to see you fall
Bestfriend dead for this nigga can ball
Bestfriend dead so tha streets can ball
Verse 3 -- Sky
Sometimes I tend to lose my faith
Im askin god to hear ma case
If you could see it through ma eyes
They all wanna see me meet my dimize
I feel alone to lose my mind
Beggin god juss send me a sign
Tryna do the best that I can
Be a man and follow gods plan
I been tryin to do right but niggas wanna take my life
I been tryin to do right and niggas wanna take my life