Перевод песни David Banner – Treat Me Like

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I ain't gonna let nae' nigga treat me like a bitch
I ain't gonna let nae' nigga play me like a bitch
I ain't scared of that nigga, I ain't scared of that bitch
We'll crush everybody in they muthafuckin clique!
Let's get to it, you bitch, we in the club, it ain't a thing
2 guns at the back door looking for you lames
Oh man, it's a shame, I'm throwed in the game
I act like I'm gonna fight you then I'm blowing out your brain
You talk talk shit but you ain't gonna do nothing to Levell
I return from hell, nigga, like yeah!
Bloody body and all, dripping, gripping my balls
Hope your clique is with you nigga, 'cuz I'm killing them all
I'm the victim, you pick 'em, I bust 'em, crush 'em like cans
Mississippi's my land, with my dick in my hand
I been ready to die, put your guns in the sky
Cock it back, pull the trigger, watch a bullet go fly
I know you hoes hate my pimping, pimping, pimping
But I took your bitch!
Is that the real reason why you hate my clique?
Them twenty-fours spinning make you so sick?
And I don't even floss like that
But I will put four or five bullets in your back
Walk now! A pistol in your mouth, bitch, boy talk now!
I used to get no love, but your girl stalks now
Is it that 106 & Park pimpin'? Is it those MTV looks?
Is it Lil Jon screaming on the hooks?
Is it that tour bus bread? Is it fucking these stars?
I mean, getting head from your bitch in the back of the car?
I don't like to promise shit, but we gonna bring the drama, kid
Just tell me who I got to slap and where they mama live
Yet and still, real recognize real
And whoever don't get recognized get killed
Too many soldiers to jeopardize in the field
I got throwaway niggas ready to die, and they will
Jason as a youth, I turned into Satan in the booth
First nigga with Daytons on the coupe
I can drive, but a boss get driven
So I'm shotgun, higher than the cost of livin'
My seat back, my gear black, my heat black
Deserve whatever you got coming, so keep that
Now all you do is turn the lights off
And drive by slow, I'mma turn his life off
And I'm good, long as he bleeding
Nae' nigga never play me, long as I'm breathing