Перевод песни Kj-52 – Push Up

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Push up a five push up a 2
Push 'em up high this is what you do Push up a five push up a 2
This ain't about me this is about you
Push up a five push up a 2
Push 'em up high this is what you do Push up a five push up a 2
This ain't about KJ, it's about you
They said why's this kid on the mic, man
He's from Florida he's Christian and he's white, man
They said that there was nothing in my life, man
That I could ever offer except Christ, man
Well He said now give me everything you got
I'll take a little bit and turn it to a lot
I don't care what they say or what they thought
I can make a way even when they say there's not
But they said just for me to give it up now
They said that I'm a be messed up now
They said there's no way to get love
I was better to drop out or just sell drugs
But He said I got a much better way
If I'd let Him in and just let Him change
If He got a chance He would take away
Everything from the past so all I wanna say is...
They said I had no flow and no show
And no dough this was all no go All I heard was «no no» and «woah woah»
You'll never be nothing man ya need to go home
But he said I got a habit of taking
The least likely and then doing something amazing
And right at the point when He just came in That's exactly what He did and I ain't been the same since
They said that now you're poor white trash
With a broken home and a broken past
And there's no way that you're ever gonna last
Even if you did it and you make it then you'll fall apart fast
But He said that I can do anything
I'll take you places that your eyes never seen
Anything you face anything you need
I got it covered if you'll just trust in me Now you can just listen to And follow after them and everything they do And you can just play the fool
And pay attention to what they telling you
Or you can hear what God's saying
Take a look around, you can see God changing
Me from the inside out I'm not the same and
I hope it's convincing now I think its so amazing
They'll say that's not possible
They'll get mad and act all hostile
They don't want nothing to do just with the Gospel
But that don't mean you gotta let it stop y'all
They call me 5 2 for the reason
The little that I had it was all he was needing
Five loaves and two fishes he was feeding
10 000 you finally get the meaning?