Перевод песни Golden Smog – Can't Even Tie Your Own Shoes

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No one taught you how to sing the blues
And you only play the games that you lose
Can’t even tie your own shoes
But I think you’re alright
Woke up in the morning on my own
Trying to figure out what went wrong
Now you’re wondering why I’m gone
But I think you’re alright
Saw you can’t play aloud on a hill
Why is she probably you
Think it’s time for you to choose
Dude, I think you’re alright
Now you never behave like you wanted to
'Cause they don’t understand what you’re going through
So you’re gonna get lost in your body tonight
Yeah, I think it’s alright
I said, «Yeah, I think it’s alright»
Saw you on the corner asking for change
Mangy, vicious dog acting deranged
Everybody thought that you were strange
Dude, I think you’re alright