Перевод песни Steve Hillage – Aftaglid

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
So now you know the feeling that is shining
And a-surfing and a-sliding and a-gliding
And Now you see you’re riding the great
Wave of time — Now and Here and Now
Laughing at the cosmic joking yoking
Yoga union into the Sun behind
The Sun, the One, you’ve found the
Pun you’ve only just begun — letting
It a-flow
No more are we roasting in the boasting
Of the pride that tried to hide our
Glide inside the secret castle of
The Thin King who did
Build on sand — letting it a-go
Tempering the living juicy metals and
The petals of the Seven Open Lotuses
On the Tree of Life, the Secret Seed
The pushing, thrusting Will that
Slides into the Mother Will that
Makes the flowers grow — As Above and So Below