Перевод песни Keef Hartley Band – Too Much Thinking

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There is something wrong with my life
rather than I think
but I keep reflection in my mind
people imagine in such string
think creeper through my hair
I’m tought I’m a man
but I feel yeah, just like a campagne
everybodie’s crazy
i’m working too if i work so lazy
wonder women everything
gonna stop stop it uneasy
too much thinking no
if i don’t stop
I gonna stop thinking
woow… woow… yeah
but I fell stop myself
but stop myself
yes if I stop myself
ooh no… I’m just thinking
but I think myself
but I know where I look
if you can’t think yourself
I’m looking in anybody
but strange think cramper to my hair
though i’m a man
but I feel just like campagne
everybodies crazy
I’m working too if I work so lazy
wonder women everything
gonna stop it uneasy
too much thinking
if I don’t stop
I gonna stop thinking
woow. I felt stop myself
ooh yes I felt to do that
but I stop myself
yes I know I gonna stop myself
no… no. no… no I just can take