Перевод песни Jethro Tull – Roll Yer Own

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Roll yer own. Don't mean you got no money
Only that you got no opportunity to shake it with that friend of mine
Roll yer own if you can't buy readymade;
You won't be satisfied when you feel the sudden need
To unwind
You know what moves you in the wee hours
When there's nothing on the answerphone
And if you don't get enough of that electric love
Don't try to get by ---
Roll yer own, roll it when there's no-one listening:
When those re-runs play on the late-night
Black and white TV
Roll yer own, roll it when there's something missing
And those wild cats howl, running in the moonshine
Roll yer own: you got to hit that spot
Roll yer own when your hands are hot