Перевод песни Aaron & Jeoffrey – Heal Me

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It's another «good to see you"Sunday morning
Oh I hardly hear the words
Roll off my tongue.
Looking in myself
for signs of something
that's long gone.
Oh I stumble through the verse
That says You love me.
As the voices echo,
My thoughts drift away.
And I close my eyes,
Ashamed I'm feeling nothing.
And I pray, I pray.
Heal me
Heal these eyes
Heal this heart
Heal my mind
Breathe Your breath of life
Heal me
Wake my soul
From this sleep
Give me back the joy of when I
First believed
Heal me...,
Oh I lose myself to one more
Day's indifference
When my eyes are
Everywhere but fixed on you
I don't have the strength to
Over come this distance but
You do... You do...
I don't want to waste another minute
Taking all Your love for granted
I just wanna feel Your Holy Spirit
Rushing over me