Перевод песни Horace Silver Quintet – Filthy McNasty

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We like to ah, inform you those who just
came in, were recording up here this evening
Live we hope, from ah the Village Gate
We like for yaw to help us get in the groove
Let your hair down and come on get in the music with us
We like to do for you at this time brand composition of ours
Written about a mythical young man of rather dubious character
Ah we like to have you all join in with us on this one
And help us find the groove by patting your feet,
Or popping your fingers, or clapping your hands,
or shaking your heads, or shaking what ever else you wanna shake
While we do a little thing we call Filthy McNasty
Thank you very much
How 'bout a nice hand for
Blue Mitchell-Trumpet
Junior Cook-Tenor Saxophone
Roy Brooks-Drums
Gene Taylor Bass
and yours truly
Thank you very much
Thank you
Thank you
All right ok thank you
thank you very much
Wow ok we'll do another one alright
Thank you very much, for very kind applause