Перевод песни Postman – Dutch

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Now look at what youve started
Ooh this could go wrong
If we take it to court they sure theyre smiling
Therefore some resolve to violence
My version of realitys different
Thats why Im not Jewish, Islamic or Christian
Im not a preacher or a politician just writing pulp fiction
A misfit lost keeping society distant
The only weapon I carry is ambition
Many just pretending got a shallow existence
Since folks dying we stopped buying opinion
Too afraid terrors taking over dominion
Panic televised paranoid we terrorized
Neighbors started question other neighbors ali
Thats why we never set the bar so high
Cause they dont get from where the scares derive, man Im just laying
Piece by piece, puzzle cause I need my peace
Dont like it when our freedom gets breached
The constitution of law is at stake, so full of hate
Well Im a stone throw away from victory
And when Im stoned all my day its cause of misery
I might have said some shit that I didnt mean
Thats why I blow it of the chest try to get it clean
Cause Ill be standing at the frontline even if yall aint ready
I fought a war for the few through the hearts of many
And seek for more battle nothing I cannot handle
Aint nothing to it for music I choose to go scramble
Lifes a big gamble its certain Im better service
I bet we had you nervous nobody has the courage
Serve the baddest burners create our own change
I like to hold on to that little bit of romance
Can only count on what lives between my ears
Trying not to despair or attract fear
Listen closely to the deep in me
I hear myself speaking peacefully temple with God inside and I