Перевод песни Dr. Strangely Strange – Strangely Strange But Oddly Normal

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Friends greet you on the way, say
«There you go»
You may wonder where you’re supposed to be going
I have often thought of
The youngest daughter
And the joyous overflowing
When dark clouds pull the sky
I have cast my eye
To the path where we are treading
Oh I could wreck my brain
Trying to explain
Where it is I think that we are heading
Strangely strange
Strangely strange but oddly normal X 2
Why only the other day
I was making hay
For I supposed the sun was shining
But when I looked up
By hushed neon I was struck
Must adjust my sense of timing
Must be just my sense of timing
Well, I’ve had some things on my mind
And I’m mostly all the time
Like cardboard scarecrows on the seesaw
But where I do impart
Those things held to heart
While fitting pieces to the jigsaw