Перевод песни Young Jeezy – Let's Get It / Sky's The Limit

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Anything you put ya mind to put ya grind to
Forgetful ass nigga, must I remind you (jeah)
Men do what they want, boys do what they can
And it ain’t no secret, I’m a grown ass man (jeah)
Put my hands on the Bible and I solemnly swear (swear)
Leave the mall with more shoes than I could possibly wear (daaaamn)
Niggas still hating, but they can kiss my ass
Still get a hard-on when I count that cash (jeah)
I give 'em the squares, you give me the bags (ha ha)
I give 'em the squares, you give me the cash (jeah)
And that’s what the fuck I call a even exchange
And if there’s anything extra you can keep the change (yeeeeeah)
Grind sun down till it comes up again
Stay down till we come back up again (jeah)
It’s all in the game, the ups, the downs
It’s all in the game, the O’s, the pounds (ay)
The shit was all good just a week ago
Whole click was eating good just a week ago
It’s all good nigga, give us a month
Thinking of a master plan, while I smoke this blunt (yeeeeeah)
Went to Houston and back, now everybody got coupes (ha ha)
But the word in the street that supply the troops (jeah)
I just call 'em like I see 'em
Serve these niggas third person dog, I ain’t trying to see em (ay)