Перевод песни Bossman – Hand Clap

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Now East side get a hand clap
And if you side it’s the side that’s goin' down at
Hands high for a hand clap
Now every side worldwide get a handclap
East side get a hand clap
And if you side it’s the side that’s goin' down at
West side, South side
Mid-West, East side!
Ra-ta-tat-tat is the sound of a gat
But this is how it sound when the Bossman clap
Let me see them hands high every side of the map
B-More city’s where the Bossman at
How I do-dat do-dat, turn music to crack
It’s a true fact what you lack is true-ness in rap
All new jacks move back, it’s a new boss in rap
In fact, bringin' the East coast back like Shaq
How B-More do that, only New York do that
When, they thought and they talk and they brought us rap but
No softer that got the game on my back
Like returned a city, now the East coast is back
East side, West side, South side, any side
Worldwide, put your hands high if you feelin' right
Go against the Boss of course, it’s a river-side
B-C-I-T-Y where I live and die
Home of the wild homicide and this genuine
Love and hate all day, it’s a skinny line
Hustle on the block, Jake’s watch through the mini-blinds
Never know when your body might be identified
Killas come in all shapes, forms even mini-size
Side where, officer, gotta keep your semi-side
Hands to the sky, get 'em high when you clap
Like the return of tax, the East coast is back
Now every single side let me see them hands high
Make them hands clap like a gat when it’s fired
B-O-S-S lay ya flat as a tire
Matter fact, flatter than a line, nigga that’s right
From the bottom of the map to the top of the skyline
The hottest on the block since Bonita and Kweli
Fuck with your watch sayin' «Nigga it’s my time»
I’m hard as core nigga, y’all more like mai-thai's
I’m hot now, ain’t no winds in mi casa
Must have got me twisted like the wig on a shot tire
When shots fired, off 'em block eyes is papas
Fry y’all kippers like chicken from Popeyes
Ha-ha — I ain’t no jokin' what I be quotin'
And spoken and underoath and I’m the truth right here ha
Reach for the sky when you make them hands clap
Like a rapid refund, the East coast is back