Перевод песни Da Weasel – God Bless Johnny

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Johnny's house smells like a zoo
It's got full of shit and puke
Cockroaches on the walls
Webs are growing in Johnny's balls
But oh, he's so clean cut
Johnny just wanna fuck some slut
Spend his soul off in the city
Where junkie's king, the air smells shitty
People puking everywhere
Bowels of blood, scabs in hair
People dying in the street
Bodies wasted in defeat
Suburban scumbags they don't care
They just get fat and dye their hair
God bless Johnny!
Death and bang-up coming from all sides
Love and peace never crossed his mind
Get a job, work until you're dead
The ideas, they drill in Johnny's head
So he worked like a pack mule every day
Didn't know very much, being honest doesn't pay
One day Johnny skipped work
Moral sin, his boss goes berserk
«I don't wanna hear it, you're full of shit»
«I don't wanna hear it, you're full of shit»
Hit the sack, you're fired
So Johnny sucks a six-pack as he can't die
Drinks the whiskey, drinks his grain
Bottom's up but Johnny still feels the pain
Gets home and beat up his wife
The beginning of the end of Johnny's life
God bless Johnny!
So a pickabee's new 6.35
No one did spit in his face and stay alive
First off, the bomb next gone her
Sooner or later would have to pass the border
«No one gets out», said it up loud
The sound of his shout barrelizing brout
Started shooting everybody
Soon one couldn't see a living body
There stood Johnny with a beaking
And his brand new tool on the other hand
So he bought himself another drink
Deeper and deeper Johnny would sink
Those who got out reported the drum
Johnny was going to do a dumb
«He's not the first and he won't be the last»
Whole generation's heading for the fresh
God bless Johnny!